Reaching out at MacNeal

Fabiola Zavala, Gina O’Brien and Natalia Gallegos, Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Team is composed of Fabiola Zavala, Gina O’Brien and Natalia Gallegos. Their degrees in Public Health help to develop and implement outreach that is relevant to the community MacNeal serves. This high energy team has done an amazing job of engaging not only the community but ensuring that MacNeal Hospital staff goes beyond the hospital walls to ensure that people live happier, healthier lives.

FABIOLA is passionate about community involvement. “It is my responsibility to ensure that MacNeal Hospital stays connected with community members beyond the brick and mortar, and vice versa, that we are able to connect community members with the resources they need. We’re making a difference in the lives of people in the community by empowering them with health knowledge, providing support, celebrating survivorship, mentoring youth, providing food and gifts during the holiday season, and giving MacNeal employees the opportunity to connect with the community. . . that’s what it’s all about.     

GINA enjoys interacting with community members and building relationships with those that visit MacNeal Hospital. Having that face-to-face interaction with those in the community has such an impact on how we as a hospital can reach out to people. It’s always great to run into a familiar face!

NATALIA feels that her role in community outreach is rewarding and a blessing. It’s an opportunity to work with our community and interact one-on-one. Community outreach allows me to educate, bring awareness to growing health issues, and improve the health of the patient population in our service area. Community outreach is the essence of what we do at MacNeal Hospital.