Women's Health and Obstetrics

MacNeal Hospital is your destination for comprehensive women’s health care services. You’ll find a network of experienced doctors, surgeons and nurses to provide a continuum of care — from diagnosing breast abnormalities and caring for moms-to-be to treating breast cancer and performing minimally invasive urogynecological procedures.

Advanced surgical techniques include laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

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Breast Care Center

At the Breast Care Center, our goal is to minimize the occurrence of invasive breast cancer through early detection, treatment and education. We use state-of-the-art technical equipment and digital mammography to ensure highly accurate results. Call (708) 783-2194 to make an appointment or request an appointment online.

Center for Pelvic Health

At the Center for Pelvic Health, we treat a wide range of pelvic floor conditions. If you’re experiencing pain, incontinence or other symptoms, you can schedule an appointment today by calling (708) 783-5377 (LESS).

Childbirth Classes

Get help preparing for your baby through education and support in one of our childbirth classes. Topics include breastfeeding, baby care basics, Lamaze, preparing older siblings and more. For registration or more information call (888) 622-6325 (MacNeal) or search for a class.

Obstetrical Services

Obstetrical services at MacNeal offer expert care for mother and baby both before and after delivery. Our compassionate, experienced birth center team provides services including vaginal deliveries and Cesarean sections, fetal monitoring and more.

Neonatologists are on call 24 hours/day, and we have a board certified obstetrician hospitalist on site 24/7 should your personal physician require any assistance with your delivery.  There is a board certified pediatrician hospitalist on site 24/7, who is available to immediately care for your newborn infant should the need arise.

Stop living in fear and take control of your pelvic health.
MacNeal Hospital supports women’s health education with a variety of classes and events throughout the year.
Learn about a new method for treating overactive bladder.
Our comprehensive obstetrical services provide care for you and your baby.
Request an appointment with a women’s health specialist at MacNeal Hospital.
Share pictures of your beautiful newborn through MacNeal Hospital’s Virtual Nursery