Cardiac Rehabilitation

Improve your cardiac fitness with this comprehensive three-phase program

Phase One

The first step to a healthier heart begins with your diagnosis. Before you begin, MacNeal’s compassionate staff carefully assesses your physical condition and develops a rehab program tailored to your needs. By working one-on-one with you, we identify risk factors for heart disease and ways to reduce those risks and increase your overall health. We also team up with your physician to create a comprehensive exercise plan with your safety in mind. Family counseling, education and support services are also available to you and your loved ones throughout your rehabilitation.

Phase Two

Since the best exercise for improving cardiac fitness is monitored aerobics, you will work out with others up to three times a week for two to three months at MacNeal’s Cardiac Fitness Center. To mark your progress and guarantee safety, a cardiologist, cardiac nurse and exercise physiologist monitor your heart and blood pressure before, during and after each exercise period. You increase your endurance, strength and work capacity, learn safe ways to perform daily activity, develop good exercise habits and reduce your risk of a cardiac event. We also help you improve your understanding of cardiac health through informal education on smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, Diabetes and stress.

Phase Three

If you’ve completed Phase Two or are interested in a medically supervised cardiac fitness program, MacNeal offers Fit for Life. Our attentive staff develops a long-term exercise program just for you based upon your endurance and cardiac fitness level. A cardiac nurse or exercise physiologist supervises each session, where you participate in a variety of aerobic activities, strength training and balance exercises. We even check your blood pressure and heart rate before, during and after each workout to ensure that your activity level is safe.

If you have questions please contact Anna Sulik, Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation at or (708) 783-2194.​