You can leave pain behind and return to an active lifestyle with MacNeal Hospital’s Center for Advanced Spine and Joint Care. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure continuity of care and maximize your results. Here you’ll find a standardized plan of care and a compassionate team of doctors and nurses working to reduce or eliminate your pain. 

If exercise and medicine are unable to help your joint problem, our orthopedic center provides surgery options that can get you moving again. MacNeal is happy to be able to offer rapid recovery techniques for hip and knee replacement, as well as back and neck surgery. We also take a long-term view of the patient experience and offer follow-up calls to monitor your progress and satisfaction. 

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Begin your path to recovery from chronic joint pain by calling us at (888) MacNeal or (888) 622-6325 or click below to request an ​appointment online.

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Don’t let arthritis pain in your back or joints limit your daily activities. We can help get you back to what you enjoy.
We're as passionate about restoring your comfort, strength and mobility as you are about getting back to the activities you love. 

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