Salary, Benefits & Insurance

Salary, Benefits and Insurance Information
(2014 & 2015)


Year Salary
First year residents: $50,874
Second year residents: $52,708.18
Third year residents: $54,485.09

Educational Stipends
It is required that each resident purchase a complete set of the latest MKSAP from their educational stipends. Remaining part of the stipend may be used for books, conferences (including travel), and PDA's. Additional funds may be available to sponsor residents presenting at conferences, at the Program Director's discretion.

Year Stipend
First year residents: $500.00
Second year residents: $1,000.00
Third year residents: $1,500.00

Membership Dues
Will pay for ACP membership.


General Benefits
A. Vacation, Personal & Sick Time
Twenty days of vacation, personal, and sick time are allowed during the academic year. As a hospital employee you are allowed an additional twelve sick days per year however the American Board of Internal Medicine policy states any time off beyond one (1) month per year is added on to the end of residency.

B. Educational Days
To be submitted for approval by the Program Director, as with other days off:

Year Stipend
First year residents: 3 days
Second year residents: 4 days
Third year residents: 5 days

C. Leave of Absence
FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) is offered. Leave without pay for medical reasons, including maternity, is subject to hospital policy. All leaves of absences may require an extension of the resident's training, in accordance with the rules of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

D. 401(K)
This program allows you to save money on a pre-tax dollars basis from your paycheck. You may contribute as little as 2% or any amount up to 50% of your pay, before taxes biweekly. You may enroll or change contribution elections on a monthly basis.

E. Malpractice and General Liability Insurance
Residents will be included in the malpractice coverage provided by the hospital for all professional activities directed by the hospital.

F. Worker's Compensation
The residents are covered by the same rules that apply to all MacNeal employees.

Covered parking is offered for residents at no charge. The parking lot is linked by tunnel to the hospital and to the Medical Education Office.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
Pre-tax dollars can be put aside for dependent child or elder care.

Local YMCA Discount
The Berwyn YMCA offers a 20% discount on membership.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Confidential counseling and assistance is available for any reason through the hospital's Employee Assistance Program. Residents may also choose to pursue mental health needs through their own medical coverage either instead of, or in addition to, the EAP.

Insurance and Disability Coverage

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
MacNeal Hospital offers medical, dental and vision insurance. The plans are not contingent on each other and are offered individually.

Life Insurance and Accident
MacNeal Hospital offers group term life insurance through the MetLife Insurance Company. This benefit is given to you at no cost and the effective date is the first of the month following the date of hire. Benefits are as follows:

  • Life Insurance (1X annual salary)
  • Accidental Life & Dismemberment (2X annual salary)

Disability Insurance
MacNeal Hospital offers disability insurance through the Unum Insurance Company. Effective date is the first of the month following the date of hire. An elimination period of 90 consecutive days and a claim form filed with MetLife are required. Benefits are 66 2/3% up to $10,000 monthly.

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