Criteria for Application

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Criteria for Application

A. General information

Applications are accepted only through ERAS and until Oct 31st.

Program will accept US Citizens, Permanent US Residents, and J1 visa applicants. We do not sponsor H1 visas.

Interviews are scheduled by invitation only. Interviews are conducted October through January. They are generally held on Thursdays and Fridays (and a few Wednesdays).

All the residency positions are filled through the match.

U.S. clinical experience/shadowing is not a requirement.

The program does not offer a second interview.

Strong scores (>230) would help document an applicant's educational readiness for our program, and strengthen an application.

Proficiency in written and spoken English is essential.

B. Preferred criteria for the application to be reviewed

A USMLE Step 1 score of at least 210 in the first attempt.

A USMLE Step 2 CK score of at least 220 in the first attempt.

Pass in USMLE Step 2 CS in the first attempt.

For International Medical Graduates preference will be given to candidates who have passed USMLE Step 3 in the first attempt.

Graduation from medical school within the last 3 years.

International Medical Graduates need to have a valid ECFMG certificate to be interviewed.


  • Residency training is not an entitlement or a convenience; it is a privilege and what we do is our duty to the people (i.e. our patients) of the State of Illinois. Hence it is our goal to recruit the best physicians possible to take care of and learn from our patients in our community. We look for physicians with high motivation, high sense of responsibility, high level of discipline, willingness to work hard, ability to work well in teams, compassion, and caring attitude. The Internal Medicine clinical learning at MacNeal Hospital will be academically demanding, strict, and intense for all three years of your training.
  • Only a select few applicants will be invited for interview. A timely response (to our e-mail invite) reserves an interview slot for you. No response or late response (> 48 hours) may mean losing an interview slot for you. Please check your e-mail daily during the interview season. Telephonic solicitation for interview or status of your application will not be entertained. We will place candidates on a waiting list based on needs of the program.
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