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Building a cadre of potential candidates for nursing leadership positions is one of the many strategies involved in proactively addressing the current and projected nursing shortages. Succession planning is an approach that fills key leadership positions from a pool of qualified internal candidates. MacNeal Hospital recognizes the importance of effective succession planning that ensures a seamless transition when the need to fill a leadership position arises. This formal approach was guided by the framework of the basic assumptions for the science of caring in nursing.


The Emerging Leader Program is an opportunity for those interested in pursuing a management position to be introduced to and trained in leadership. The American Nurses Credentialing Center's Magnet Components serve as the framework for the following sessions:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Structural empowerment
  • Exemplary professional practice
  • New knowledge, innovations and improvements
  • Empirical outcomes


The Emerging Leader Program is offered once a year. Eight-hour sessions are held once a month over five months. The five components of the Magnet Model serve as the framework. Program attendees are self-identified for the program and are pre-approved for registration by their leader. The organization's current leaders teach the content, positioning them as subject matter experts. Attendees are welcomed from outside nursing since content is generally applicable to all health professionals. The final class includes topics requested by attendees.


This program allows potential new leaders to get a view of management, which helps them to decide if management is the right choice for them. Out of the 40 attendees in Fiscal Year 2009, 17 nurses were promoted to the next level of leadership.


The Emerging Leader Program is an effective way for any size or type of hospital to:

  • Identify potential new leaders
  • Plan for succession
  • Nurture and care for employees
  • Recognize current leaders as content experts
  • Retain staff
  • Engage professionals in the organization

The Emerging Leader Program is going strong. During Fiscal Year 2010, 23 MacNeal Hospital employees graduated from the program. Already members of this graduating class have been promoted to their next level of leadership.

merging Leader Program Leaders

Top (l-r):
Patrick Haney
Leslie Becker
Natalie Bonner
Sonia Esparza
Erika Gleeson

Middle (l-r):
Salima Hemani
Jessica Ismial
Catherine Jackson
Pat Peck
Beth Tamondong

Lisa Watson

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