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Compassion is the foundation of the healing process. By going above and beyond with heartfelt concern, dedication and support, the best caregivers give patients comfort and hope during the most difficult of times. To recognize the caregiver who best exemplifies compassionate care, Vanguard created a new market tradition in which each hospital nominates employees who provide outstanding compassionate care to patients and their families. A Hospital Review Committee, comprised of multidisciplinary participants, selected and honored the award recipient with $1,000 and recognition during a special celebration.

Fiscal Year 2011 Nominees

Vivian Brown

Vivian Brown, Emergency Department Transporter.
Vivian Brown serves daily with compassion and caring in the Emergence Department as a transporter. Her coworkers and physicians nominated Vivian for her daily joyful spirit that she brings to her role. She is described as a compassionate role model who acts to satisfy the needs of patients selflessly, unprompted and with empathy for all. Vivian has a glimmering smile, contagious laugh and a tender touch. She is consoling to those in despair, generous to those in need and comforting to those in worry. We are very proud to have Vivian Brown serving our patients at Vanguard MacNeal Hospital.

Watch Vivian Brown's Compassionate Caregiver Nominee video here!


MacNeal Cardio Team

The Cardiac Rehab Team: Megan Belanger, CES; Betsy Hart, MS, CES; and Melanie Koehnen, RN.
The Cardiac Rehab Team continually provides excellent treatment with compassion and caring to all their patients. They are focused on the patient's well-being both physically and emotionally. Together they serve as motivators, supporters and friends to the patient s they care for. The program has increased 18% in volume and now are serving patient in a Phase 111 program for ongoing cardiac care. The patients describe this team as experts, professional and having caring hearts. As a team, their warmth and knowledge help our patients complete the cardiac rehab program with success. We are very fortunate to have this team as Vanguard MacNeal Hospital.

Watch the Cardiac Rehab Team's Compassionate Caregiver Nominee Award video here!


Fiscal Year 2011 Winner

Amy Gorecki

Amy Gorecki, Emergency Department Transporter.
Amy Gorecki RN ICU went above and beyond to help a family during a very difficult time. Her compassion and caring heart shinned through when she brought this couple together during their last days. Due to her ongoing compassion for those she cares for, Amy made sure that this couple was able to say goodbye to each other after 69 years of marriage. The family and Vanguard MacNeal Hospital thanks Amy for her compassion and caring that allowed the family this loving memorable closure.

Watch Amy Gorecki's Compassionate Caregiver Winner video here!


Fiscal Year 2010 Nominees

Erika Gleeson

Erika Gleeson, RN, BS, CEN, CCRN from the ICU.
Erika's holistic approach takes into consideration all of the patient and family needs, both physically and emotionally. We all provide great care in the ICU, but she goes out of her way to meet patients' special needs. She is very humble and doesn't let her light shine. She provides compassionate care quietly. When patients are experiencing difficult times, she pulls in family and friends so that they create a circle around the patient as she knows their presence is the most important thing to the patient.
Nominated by Ann Seliga, RN and Deb Robbins, RN.


Anna Molek

Anna Molek, RN, BSN, CMSRN from the Stroke Unit.
Nursing is not just a career but a calling for Anna. She is kindhearted and treats everyone with respect and understanding. I can sense her caring nature every time I hear her talk to patients and their families. Her reassuring words during times of desperation and hopelessness are enough to provide patients and families renewed trust. She is empathetic and shows sincere concern for her patients' troubles and worries by taking time to listen. As Anna puts it, "we need to take time to listen to our patients."
Nominated by Beth Tamondong, RN, MSN CMSRN.


Watch the Compassionate Caregiver Nominees video here!

Fiscal Year 2010 Winner

Claudia Santoyo

Claudia Santoyo, RN, BSN, CEN, Emergency Department.
Claudia Santoyo was caring for an elderly man who had been brought to the Emergency Department. Upon discharge, she discovered that he didn't have a way to get home so Claudia took it upon herself to drive him. When they arrived she discovered that there was a potential for abuse to the patient by the other resident of the home. Claudia took the man back to her car and called the authorities. But her extraordinary actions did not stop there. She took the man into her home and contacted his family in Mexico, who actually thought he was deceased. Claudia reunited him with his grateful family by purchasing his airline ticket to Mexico. Claudia redefines what it means to go the extra mile.
Nominated by Annmarie McDonough, RN, BSN, MBA.

Watch the Compassionate Caregiver Winner video here!

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